Rescue 31

“The Rescue Company” is a 2015 E-One EMax Rescue Pumper, t carries 750 gallons of water, 30 gallons of class A foam, 850′ of 1.75 attack line, 300′ of 2.5 inch attack line, 500′ of 3″ supply line and 1000′ of 5″ supply line. The rescue has a 1500 gallon per minute pump, 15 Kw PTO driven Generator, and a light tower for large area scene lighting. The Rescue company also carries a compliment of hydraulic amkus tools, battery powered genesis tools, rope rescue equipment, water rescue equipment, and some confined space equipment.

Tanker 31

“The Tanker Company” is a 2004 HME/New Lexington Engine-Tanker with seating for 6 personel. Tanker 31 is equipped with a 1250 GPM Hale Q-Max pump, and a 2500 gallon water tank. This unit has (2) preconnected 1.75″ attack lines, (1) preconnected 2.5″ attack line, and carries 1400′ of 5 inch supply line as well as 500′ of 3″ supply/attack line. Tanker 31 also has equipped a ventilation saw, Ventilation fan, and generator/light unit.

Utility 31

Utility 31 is a 2004 Ford F-350, Utility 31 is equipped with a BLS medical bag, Fire Police Equipment, (2) MSA Airpacks and masks, Extiguishers, Wood block cribbing, and a portable amkus power unit with (1) Combi tool.

Duty Officer

‘The Duty Officer” is a 2016 Ford Explorer Interceptor utilized by operational command staff in the department. It carries an SCBA and mask, 4 gas meter, Knox box, small portable lighting, and has a complement of equipment for incident command staff.

Car 31

The car is a 2008 Ford Explorer multi- purpose vehicle. It carries additional fire police equipment and is utilized for training classes, fire police incidents and to transport additional manpower to scenes